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Quality test for textiles and apparels

Here we will introduce the basic test application method. For more detailed information, please contact one of our institutes near your location.

  • Test applying method [Application window] Please send your appliction form and test samples to our institute which near your loaction.
  • Test applying method [Mail] Please send your application form and samples to our institute. Once we have received it, we will contact with you immediately.
Application form
Common application form (PDF)
Common application form (XLS)
Azo-test application form (PDF)
Azo-test application form (XLS)

Procedure from application to issuing certification

Standards or test items ordered by customers

We can test according to the independent quality standard offered by makers or buyers. When you apply for the test, please tell us the name of buyers and dispatch time.

  • Sometimes the detailed information (like category, for men/women/infants)needs to be claimed according to consignee's requirements.
  • If you have already known fiber contents, please claim it in advance.(Because sometimes it is necessary for us to select test items)
  • If you have already negotiated the test items with the consignee and agree to omit some basic tests, please claim it in advance.

Moreover, if you wish to do the basic quality inspection, we recommend NQ standard (Nissenken standard). You can choose to do the color fastness or physical property test only. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Notes for textile tesing

  • For the same textile with different colors, all kinds of color need to do the color fastness test (including color changes and depigmentation), but only one of them needs to do physical and functional tests.
  • For calico with various colors ,more quantity of specimen is needed than common situation.
  • There is also some situation we can’t carry out some appointed test items due to the condition or size of the sample. We are very sorry for this.

Time limit of expiration date

The common test report can be sent out within 4 working days. If you want to get the report earlier, please inform us before testing. But due to the experiment time of certain test item, please forgive us if we can’t satisfy your requirements.

Testing according to customers' requirements

Customers often have the following requirements:

  • “Certain test items only (data collection for sample exploitation)”
  • “Only testing items possibly with problems”
  • “Functionality testing for textile enduring special processing”

We will deal with all these requirements carefully and try our best to satisfy your requirements and supply you with proper test methods. For more detailed information, please contact us.