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The demand for textile safety in Europe and America, as well as other countries in Asia are keeping improving in recent years. Harmful substances which can directly affect people's health and environment are certain aromatic amines, formaldehyde.
The main items are as following.

Certain aromatic amines

Since Oeko-tex standard branded certain aromatic amine coming from reduction as forbidden substances in 1992, German issued relevant laws in 1994, then European Union caught up with this trend. China and Korea also became the followers in recent years. Now, in Japan, the textile industry published their own standard, and the economy province is also trying their best to popularize this standard.
According to the investigation, in all the dyestuffs, about 70% of them contain Azo(-N=N-) which will reduce to aromatic amines of which 24 kinds of them are harmful substances.

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Formaldehyde is the main reason for "sick-house syndrome". Now every country has their own standard to control it.
Formaldehyde is often used to prevent wrinkle and shrinkage in processing. Due to the volatile property of formaldehyde, the product without formaldehyde is possible to be contaminated by other products when share same processing line or warehouse. Apart from this, the binder used in construction, wallpaper and furniture also contain formaldehyde, which is also one reason lead to the transfer contamination. So high attention should be paid to the manufacturing process and storage environment of textiles.