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Privacy policy

Policy of protecting privacy

General incorporated foundation-Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center (we call it “the center” below), collects personal information prudentially and protect privacy according to the following protocols.

1. Personal information
Personal information includes name, birthday, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, job, work address, etc.

2. Privacy protection scope
The personal information collected from this website will be protected according to the following policy. But due to some advertisement links, some personal information has been leaked to other websites where we can’t protect it.

3. Personal information processing
The website operator only provide personal information when it is required and at the same time within the business scope. Moreover, every time usage should claim the purpose of using in advance.

4. Problem of leak of personal information
This website will not provide customers' personal information to third party unless it is in accordance with the law and approved by our customers.

5. Supervision on entrusting party
Besides using the information to supply proper service, the website may provide personal information to entrusting party. But we will take some measures to make sure the personal information is processed correctly and safely.

6. Personal information management
To protect the leak, loss, and destruction of personal information, the website assign persons in charge of personal information protection and management as well as providing proper management to make sure the information is correctly updated in time.

7. Information inquiry, modification and deletion
When it comes to information inquiry, modification and deletion, only the person himself/herself can do these operations after he/she answered relevant questions within time limit.

8. Record and history access
This website keeps the access history of cyber surfers in form of records. The access records include domain name, IP, browser type, access time and so on which can’t use to identify surfers. Access record is used to analyze the usage of website only.

9. Usage of cookie
Cookie is the technology helps to do record management by storing users' information into computer (hardware). For the convenience of cyber surfers, some pages in this website also used Cookie. But Cookie may lead to the unusable of some functions if the original set data has been changed in the browser.

10. Information update and notice
Our center has the right to modify privacy protection policy. Because it is impossibel for us to inform every surfer after when modified the policy, so before you use the service provided by this website, please read the modified privacy notice at homepage first.

11. Contact
If you want to consult privacy protection policy, please contact person in charge of personal information protection and management.
Aanchal Jain
TEL: +91-141-300-3680 

Nissenken Quality Evaluation India Pvt. Ltd.
Person in charge of personal information protection and management